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About us

About the enterprise

Production area: 10 000 m2
Employees: 40

Main field of activity: designing, manufacturing and building round and square log homes.

Factory and production.

Ritsu is a unique factory of wooden houses as the technology and machinery we use in our production process is developed

and manufactured in our metal and machinery department. The synergy between manufacturing of wooden houses and

engineering the technology for producing the houses is the basis for success of Ritsu wooden houses in world market. CNC-

technology and automatized production process enables us to reach high productivity with maximum accuracy and quality. Our

technology offers a number of advantages, which are unique specifically to Ritsu homes. We are able to produce different types ofhouses with different wall profiles at the same time and thus offer quick deliveries to our customers.

We operate on six production lines for log homes: two production lines for round log homes and four production lines for square

log homes. Element houses are manufactured in two production halls: one for our small panel houses and one for large-scale

element houses. Roof trusses for our houses are also engineered and manufactured by Ritsu.

Ritsu wooden houses can be found in over 40 countries. Our main markets: Germany, Norway, UK, Spain, Japan, France, Russia,

Azerbaijan, Ireland, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Estonia.




Our mission is to value wood as a renewable resource. Ritsu started out as an engineering and manufacturing company of

woodworking machinery to local timber industry. Today our machines and production lines can be found in 9 different countries.

Continuous development of infrastructure and technology has enabled us to widen the variety of our products, implement a

number innovative solutions and offer the highest possible quality available in manufacturing wooden houses.

Sustainable way of thinking and continuous product development are a part of our daily work!