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Roof trusses

We produce nail-plated timber roof trusses from strength graded timber. The main advantages of pre-fabricated roof trusses are precision, fast and waste free assembly on-site and engineered strength and sturdiness.

Strength graded planed timber is used for production of roof trusses. The timber details are connected with certifiedĀ galvanized steel nail plates (Mitek). Maximum length of the trusses can be up to 12m.



The advantages of pre-fabricated nail-plated roof trusses:

  1. construction and erection possible in narrow conditions
  2. details are with exact dimensions and lengths (on-site work does not enable this level of preciseness)
  3. flexible solutions based on the characteristics of the buildings – every roof construction is engineered separately and also based on custom design
  4. minimum waste of timber materials, which is ensured by engineered project and efficient production process
  5. minimum time spent on on-site works – roof trusses need only to be fastened
  6. well packed trusses are easy to transport

All this saves our customers time and money!