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About us

Main field of activity: designing and manufacturing round and square log homes

Employees: 40

Production area: 10 000 m2

Ritsu is a unique wooden house producer who, in its 30 years of operations, has exported homes to 40 different countries. The company’s product range includes round and square log houses, which are manufactured on fully automatic production lines.

Our mission is to value wood as a renewable resource and to create healthy and sustainable living environments. Continuous development of infrastructure and technology has enabled us to widen the variety of our products, implement a number innovative solutions and offer the highest possible quality available in manufacturing wooden houses. Sustainable way of thinking and continuous product development are a part of our daily work.

The key to Ritsu’s success and uniqueness is the manufacturing technology and production lines that have been designed by our own engineers and built by Ritsu’s machine building department. The automatic manufacturing process based on CNC-technology produces very precise results using rapid operations.

Our production is based on strictly controlled and certified procedures, such as ISO 9001:2015, which ensure products of the best possible quality. Ritsu’s production is CE sertificated. Our technological development work has been recognised by national awards and we have been named the best manufacturer in the area for several years in a row.

 Ritsu uniqueness  

  • As a result of our long-term product development and experience, Ritsu round-log houses have many advantages, such as the precision and quality resulting from the log profile and unique production technology, which is based on the patent research conducted during the development of the technology.
  • We offer a unique wall solution for square-log houses, in which the thicker (202-mm diameter) exterior walls are combined with thinner (114-mm diameter) wall logs. This helps our clients save on lumber, transport and construction costs, without compromising on quality.
  • For ensuring better heat retention, we offer interior as well as exterior insulation for log houses, based on the client’s wishes. When insulating the houses, we use exterior siding that is identical to the log walls, thereby making it possible to build a log home in the city.

 All our houses are manufactured in our factory to the maximum stage of completion, which ensures rapid, precise and efficient construction that can be executed year-round. The wall solutions offered by Ritsu’s engineers enable the production of insulated homes, while ensuring compliance with the established standards and keeping costs under control.

Our main markets are Germany, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Azerbaijan, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Estonia. Over the years Ritsu has exported to 40 different countries all over the world, including Japan, New Zealand, India, Korea, USA.