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Erection of a log house


In assembling the details of log houses produced in Ritsu we recommend you use the services of out construction specialists. A client will be able to put together a simple garden house, using the assembly drawings, building larger houses, however, calls for the input of certain craftsmen and the precise knowledge of the regulations of building log houses.

Experienced log house builders in Ritsu Ehituse OÜ guarantee the proper assembly of the details in time. We build log houses from the basement to delivering the keys – it is always possible to find a solution that suits best to your needs and your location. In order to achieve the best final result it is reasonable to use the services of our construction specialists at least in building up the log part of the house (important stages are also assembling the rafters, windows and doors). Then you can be sure the house will be assembled in accordance with the demands.

Our foreign clients often use the help of our construction specialists because the construction companies of the respective countries usually lack necessary expertise and experience to build log houses – so the work is done on the construction site according to the guidelines of the construction specialist we have sent over.

Ivo Tomson
Chief of Construction

phone 372 766 8894 fax 372 766 1220
Languages: Estonian, English, Russian