About Mrs. Marit's home

This is how Marit Raudoja spoke of her house.

Iíve had a dream and an idea of a log home since the very moment I started thinking about creating my own family and home.

A chance to build a log home emerged unexpectedly by coincidence. Regardless of this, the series of actions leading to my very own home, a dream I had cherished for a long time, were easy to work through as I had specialists helping and directing me in choosing the best solutions on every step of the way. It was also very comfortable that I could order the complete design of the house, the products and construction services as a complete set and the cooperation was very smooth. The latter was obviously based on the experience obtained in the course of the cooperation of Ritsu and its related companies.

Thanks to the possibility of producing city-type log homes I got to choose a land plot near a city because the new city-type log homes may be built in a city. The whole process was very fast. The architect transformed my wishes into a design. While logs and pieces for my house were produced in the factory, the foundation was built on the plot. The installers did their job so well that even the neighbours came by to say that they hadnít seen construction workers who were so committed to their job and really cared about the result of their work.

Iím extremely satisfied. My child has no allergies but living in such indoor climate is a value also for healthy people. Iíve always wanted the pleasant indoor climate of a log home around me. You can physically feel the good air in the house. The freshness, the warmth of the wood and the joyful silence are energizing day and night, on every hour I spend at home, even when I sleep. My friends who come over canít bring themselves to leave my house. Thereís even no need for coffee and cake. We just sit, enjoy ourselves and talk for hours as the air around us is so great.