Ritsu started its working as a producer of wood processing machinery tools. A need to test these machines in real work situation made the basis of a timber department formation.

Today we have versatile and wide range of machinery tools, and qualified and employed experienced experts. That enables to implement all necessary operations and produce durable quality machine tools.

Amongst the production of the company there belong various timber processing machinery tools, such as circular saw frames, production lines for producing round log timber houses and square log timber houses, finger-joint production lines (mills and press machines) and many other machine tools: crosscut saws, air stoves for burning waste wood, fans etc. We also try to meet our customer’s wishes and produce special machines and offer possible integral solutions.

Ritsu Ltd. is a company that has a certain place in Estonian machinery tool market. Our advantage is a long-term experience in producing wood processing machinery. All machines have passed thorough testing, and consequently all possible faults are found and eliminated during production process in factory.

From year 2003 Ritsu holds a certificate of ISO Quality Management System.