Secure corner solution of square log houses

Secure corner solution of square log houses eliminates all problems of log home tenons. As the result of Ritsu engineers job new production line for producing square log houses with different inner and outer wall thicknesses started work in year 2008. Same line has possibility to produce shortened tenons for houses built up in urban regions. And with this opportunity we solved one well known problem of log houses.

All log house engineers, architects and builders know well the problem that may occur then it is windy and rainy outside. The corner connections may get wet from inner area. It is not so bad, because between logs there is slow ventilation for drying the area. But still… To avoid this problem which may occur in extreme weather conditions Ritsu has tested new corner solution in practice during 2009-2010.

What is it all about? This new corner solution has unique possibility to protect the tenon inner areas by filling the log phases near the corner with silicone, thermal material or any other this kind of filling substance, because after doing it the corner tenons will be covered with beauty boarding or panels. So the substance will be cowered. These covering panels protect the corners of house additionally.

The mater that this solution is specially made for using in urban regions do not mean that it cannot be used in nice country areas, mountains, near lakes etc. there common round log house is also allowed.

lisatud 28.02.2011